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This site was made to help others find and enjoy Chicken King in all its broasted glory. If you've never been to a Chicken King and are in the south east Michigan area, we hope you'll stop in to try some of our broasted meals.

Chicken King is committed to helping their loyal customers and as an extension of that this site was made. So that those who have never experience Chicken King can find out more about us. Whether you'd like to contact us for catering, or just want to browse our menu. We hope that this site would be a way for fans and critics of ours to contact us and help spread the word about Chicken King and what we offer.

If you want to know more about Chicken King go checkout the About Us section, where you'll find out what separates us from other chicken based restaurants and fast food choices. We've also got Menus, Locations, Unbiased Reviews, Employment Opportunities, and even a way for you to help make your food choices with our Food Guide.

Lastly we'd like to encourage you to contact us with comments or criticisms about Chicken King. We always want to be serving the community with an open and friendly relationship, and this starts with customer feedback. So if you've ever ate at Chicken King, please feel free to contact the site manager, or just leave a review.